Smart kits and savvy advice for your homebrew hobby

With craft beer all the rage and brewpubs topping the list of date-night hot spots, it’s only natural that homebrewing is taking off. Making your own beer, wine, mead, or cider at home is easily accomplished at home with some basic, affordable gear and a spirit of adventure and experimentation. Wondering how to get started? Check out these homebrew starter kits and reference resources. 

Starter kits

These homebrew kits are representative of the many starter bundles created to help you kick off your new hobby.


  • Strange Brew starter kits Choose from a range of starter kits including ingredients and equipment. Strange Brew’s kits include toll-free home-brew support!
  • Homebrew Kegging Kit This ultimate kit makes short work of bottling. It’s 5-gallon capacity fits inside a spare refrigerator and even lets you force carbonate your beer to enjoy a day or two after kegging.

Learn more

When it’s reliable reference or the expertise and advice of fellow homebrew enthusiasts you need, turn to these resources:


  • Brew Your Own Yep, there’s a magazine for everything. Brew Your Own covers how-to for homebrewing.
  • American Homebrewers Association Naturally enough, this national organization’s website offers basic advice, a community forum, directories, and a calendar of events and competitions.

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